Mashape API

Mashape is the cloud API hub that makes it easy to distribute, monetize and consume multiple APIs.

How to Use APIs

How to use APIs with Ruby

HTTP is the foundation of all communication on the Internet. In this course, we'll cover how it works and how to use it to request information from a server. Let's get started!


Quickly mash-up APIs in Ruby (Mashape)

This course will teach you how to easily mash-up two (or more) APIs in Mashape in Ruby with a few lines of code... very useful if you are time-pressed to mash-up an app for a hackathon!

Mashape is an API Marketplace that allows developers to quickly discover, consume, distribute, and monetize APIs.

Create a Yoda Translator in JavaScript

Create a Yoda translator in Javascript

This is a tutorial on how to create mash-ups in Javascript using Mashape

Use Face Recognition in JavaScript

Use Face Recognition in Javascript

How to use a Face Recognition API in Javascript